Funeral Peer Support provides a vital service to those who deal with death on a professional basis. By sponsoring Funeral Peer Support, you are helping us to continue providing our essential services.

Ways your donation helps:

– Meetings

– Podcasts

– Resources for those in need

– Day to day operations

– Marketing and further exposure to expand our reach

Not only does your sponsorship assist those employed in funeral services, but it also benefits the employers. There is an unprecedented number of open positions in the funeral industry – leaving more stress on those in the workforce and on the employer. By facilitating healthy avenues for those on the front lines and those managing the business, a beneficial work environment is created, giving our grieving families the best care they may receive. 

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Sponsoring our meetings allows us to provide a physical space for individuals to connect and share their experiences. Our podcasts reach a wider audience, providing comfort and guidance to those who may not have access to in-person support.

Thank you for considering a donation to Funeral Peer Support. Your support helps us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are struggling with grief.

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Our mission is to promote wholeness and wellness. We do this by uniting funeral industry professionals through a nationwide network of regional organizations offering support, information and resources within their respective communities. Every donation helps us to create a single national umbrella peer support group.