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The following information may help to provide members insight to the Grief process and, potentially reduce *Compassion & Emotional Fatigue* as we help bereaved people on their *Journey Through Loss* . As Funeral Service Professionals , during the Summer holiday season , helping those who are in mourning and dealing with bereavement in a compassionate manner, is an integral part of your day-to-day work. *Grief: In Canada , many folks actively avoid Grief- and think a funeral is one –and done , and once they have been through the funeral service , they should be able to normal life... However, anyone who has grieved a Loss , knows that *Grief is a Journey* – it takes a long time to process. Every symptom of Grief is asking us to slow down, from the physical and emotional exhaustion ,to the brain having a hard time adding 2 + 2 . We slow down , so we can slowly cope ... *Listen : Be a receptive Ear , by listening to the story and, expect to listen to their story many times again.... If you are personally Grieving, be patient with yourself , be willing to listen to YOUR grief. Sometimes we are frightened that we are going to get stuck-in-grief and never get out of it ! It’s our fight against grief and our fear of it that prolongs it. Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional Mental Health support through your Employee Assistant Program ( EAP) and FPPS Peer Support Program. *Closure: Most of us have this delusion that Grief is about Closure and that we need to bring closure to the relationship. Someone who is grieving knows this is not the case. . They don’t want to grieve because they don’t want to bring the relationship to closure.... The *Grief Journey* is all about discovering where the relationship is now , letting go of the physical connection to their loved one and , reclaiming their Joy and Memories . For you to be able to validate for someone that they are on the right track, to help someone through their own grief journey and, to see the release and relief that comes, is huge !

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