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Funeral Professionals Peer Support Benefits Hub

The benefits hub provides access to best-in-class virtual healthcare services as well as discounts on brands you love including incredible deals across health & wellness, travel, entertainment and much more!

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The Benefits Hub is a resource for funeral workers where they can find turnkey online access to insurance products and virtual health services, plus additional savings on many products and services, including health and wellness, tickets, electronics, vacations, and more!

It currently has several deals for insurance, health and wellness, attractions, nationwide discounts on hotels, car rentals, and more.

The Benefits Hub is a marketplace for other companies to offer special access to programs or discounts on their products for funeral workers

Discounts range depending on the specific perk or program, but discounts on select items can be as high as 60%.

One of the benefit package’s on the BENEFITS Hub - Humana Care

Free Counselling & Support

HumanaCare is an integrated mental and physical wellness service provider because a compassionate, holistic, employee centered care model is a prerequisite to more improved, long lasting outcomes.

HumanaCare is a provider of Employee Assistance Programs, Disability Support Services, Medical Second Opinion Services, Eldercare and Chronic Disease Management.

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One of the benefit package’s on the BENEFITS Hub - Phzio

Phzio’s mission

Physical Wellness Benefit Package on the BENEFITS Hub

Phzio started as an idea to enable Physical Therapists with better access to their patients. We thought that if PTs have line-of-sight to their patients wherever they are, then the PTs are going to create better outcomes for their patients. When access is limited, so are results.

Read more about Phzio by downloading the flyer

Did You Know?

Mental Health issues are on the rise

We hear it everyday in the media, 44 percent of workers say that they had or have mental health issues during their career. There will be 500,000 Canadians that will miss work this week due to a mental health issue, but it will be called a flu or their child is sick. This costs you the employer time and money.

Did you know that 82 percent of Executives say their company promotes a healthy workplace and only 32 percent of their employees agree with that?

These stats are taken from the average worker in Canada. Now put on the stress of our industry, we are sure those numbers would escalate. Compassion fatigue doesn’t always develop from trauma. Hours much longer than a regular business day, no breaks, and grueling expectations are common factors. Read more You can identify the signs of caregivers suffering from burnout and you can learn how to begin self-care

More facts about addictions can be found below

More can get accomplished when you’re one of many.

Peer support groups are comprised of individuals who share a common condition or circumstances. These groups are focused on providing mentoring, emotional and social support.

Feeling less lonely and isolated or judged. Gaining a sense of empowerment and improving your coping skills.

Provides you with an opportunity to be with people who are likely to have a common purpose and likely understand each other.

Increasing levels of self esteem. Confidence and positive feelings. The feeling that you are not alone. Others have dealt with what your dealing with.